Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kormoran rally re-release... and pacenotes?

Hello, if you have corrected pacenotes for Kormorans (all three), please share them that I could include them with new installers? The most common versions of .dls' would be appreciate. Please send them to trackbuilding(at) or show a link for dowload in comment here.
Thank you, M.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sherwood Forest BETA test

Sherwood Forest I BETA is ready for testing. I believe there are no errors. I'm sharing this before official release for a reason:
- I need somebody to add pacenotes. Frankly, after Kormoran stages release I said that I'm not doing pacenotes any longer
I better make tracks for you and not pacenotes

Mirror #3:

Mirror #4:

(previous mirrors #1 and #2 reached 30 downloads limits and they are dead)

Attention: there is a limit of 30 downloads per link. Please download only once and give others a chance to enjoy the playing. Please read my "readme.txt" carefully. If you install these files, you automatically agree with rules described there.

Manual installation only, I would like to know how to create installers (maybe somebody can share with knowledge about it, thanks).

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kormoran donations complete!

I'm very glad to announce that thanks to virtual rally fans I have collected enough amount of donations. Thank you very much for supporting my work :)

Kormoran I and II will be soon decrypted that you can fully enjoy these tracks with also offline driving.

My tracks will be added to Real Rally plugin in couple days too.

I also encourage other plugins to use Kormoran stages or my other works. Please contact me if you need track's files as soon as possible, or wait for new installers from RBR Czech

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An interview with Carl Tönsgård

It's great to hear more on RBR history, and about some possible good news in future!
An interview with Carl Tönsgård, the lead programmer of Warthog 12 years ago. This man was one of Richard Burns Rally creators.
ComeOver Gaming - thanks a lot!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SSS Mikołajki - first run on virtual Rally of Poland

A little late to post about it, but in fact I had managed to finish a classic Super Special Stage of Rally Poland  - Mikolajki circuit - one week before the rally's date. See start list and results of WRSMP RP
Special thanks to Rafał Łata for concept, initial work and constant consultations during creation process of the stage.

Download the track here: SS Mikolajki (RBR Czech)

Even with much attention for recreating the road, I wanted to make the stage look colorful and interesting, so you can find elements from various events on the track, during 2009-2016 years.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kormorans published!

Hi, That's a happy day for me, my new tracks have been published:

Please download and join one-week test tournament on RBR Czech
 - I hope you'll like my stages! Enjoy :)

Kormoran Rally consists of three stages:
 - Shakedown  - 5km
 - Kormoran I - 10 km
 - Kormoran II - 12 km

Also, I'm proud to announce new Polish particles system including brand new WaterSplash (TM) ;)
I did pay much attention to create fantastic car dusts and other realistic-looking replay effects. These new files were initially based on Kahoo's 2.3 particles mod from USA, GB, Australia and France, but I did many tweaks there - finally I assembled all of theses particles "from scratch". I like them very much and I hope you do so :)

Kormoran Shakedown is available both online and offline ("Shakedown mode" in Wally's RBR plugin). Kormorans I & II are available only for online tournamnents and they will become more "open" when I collect some donations from drivers - believe me - not very much as for more than one year work :)
So, have much fun on my tracks - and donate them a little :)