Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kormorans published!

Hi, That's a happy day for me, my new tracks have been published:

Please download and join one-week test tournament on RBR Czech
 - I hope you'll like my stages! Enjoy :)

Kormoran Rally consists of three stages:
 - Shakedown  - 5km
 - Kormoran I - 10 km
 - Kormoran II - 12 km

Also, I'm proud to announce new Polish particles system including brand new WaterSplash (TM) ;)
I did pay much attention to create fantastic car dusts and other realistic-looking replay effects. These new files were initially based on Kahoo's 2.3 particles mod from USA, GB, Australia and France, but I did many tweaks there - finally I assembled all of theses particles "from scratch". I like them very much and I hope you do so :)

Kormoran Shakedown is available both online and offline ("Shakedown mode" in Wally's RBR plugin). Kormorans I & II are available only for online tournamnents and they will become more "open" when I collect some donations from drivers - believe me - not very much as for more than one year work :)
So, have much fun on my tracks - and donate them a little :)