Mikolajki SSS, Poland

A classic Super Special Stage from Rally of Poland. At present it is a tarmac stage, but I decided to create it as precious gravel track - in my opinion that was more interesting and more playable in RBR. The track was published with two versions with start from left or right lane - I wish we could see also an opponent from other lane...
I tried to recreate the stage surface accurately, yet I wanted to make the track interesting and colorful, so you can find objects and elements from various track's events beetwen years 2009 and 2016.
Special thanks for Rafał Łata for the concept, initial works and consultations during the map creation.

Track location: Mikolajki, Poland
Surface: 99% gravel, 1% tarmac
Track length: 2,6 km
Date of release: August 2016
Available: offline, online (RBR Czech)
Download link: SSS Mikolajki (RBR Czech)

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