Support my work

New stages I create with passion, with no expectation of glory or profits. However, spending just enough time and work. I would be grateful for any support - a donation for the construction of tracks.
One of the simplest option may be for you click on the button donations and small money payment.
However - PayPal charges a commission for such an operation (for me), so small amounts do not make sense.
Example - you give me 0,50 EUR and I get ... 0,14 since the commision is 0,36 EUR.

Another option is a Personal Payment via PayPal (only calculation from EUR to PLN commission), but then you need to have an account on this site.

If, however, I would like to transfer money through your bank - please contact me - trackbuilding (at) - I will give you the data.


Thank you for helping new and wonderful special stages :)
Below is a list of people who support me. Many thanks for your help :)
In order of appearance (newest donators on top):

Johan Nilsson
Tyler Buck
Martin Kühnel
Myra43 - RBR+
Tomasz Wach
Jamie Pronovost
Hans-Jörg Meyer
Debbie Andersson
Arkadiusz Nieroda
Daniel Zarychta