Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!

I always loved rally cars and rallying - both are expensive, so I just liked playing rally games. And I always dreamed about creation my own tracks since there were always not so many stages in games, or they were too easy or too short...

The game which really changed my life was Richard Burns Rally, the most realistic rally car sim. Released in 2004, the game still looks great, the quality of detail and overall rally mood is fantastic. And there is a huge RBR community over the world - drivers, fans and of course moders, who work on new cars, improving physics and of course - new stages! Almost everything is possible

For me, everything started with Bob's Track Builder and after some period of time and experience gathered on stages like Kormoran, RP Shakedown or GB Sprint (RBR_RX format), I moved to more efficient and advanced trackbuilding - the original RBR format (some people call it "classic" or "native").

I must say I pay much attention for quality and details - I can't accept quick work and most 'shortcuts' while working on tracks. And that's the reason it takes much time and energy, resulting still in not that many stages I managed to release.

I hope it would be more in future.

I will be happy with your support and comments - all for better tracks! :)