FSO Tor - Żerań

A real track located in Warsaw, Poland which was initially a test track for new cars built in FSO Polish cars factory and later used as race stage for events like Warszawska Barbórka and many local rallies. Thanks to huge photo documentation obtained from SNAJ Per (e-rajdy.pl) and YouTube/Google Earth sources, I tried to recreate the stage with all details including surfaces, physics and more...
The stage is very challenging, yet gives a great driving feeling and much fun to drive.

Track location - Warsaw, Poland
Stage length - 7,1 km (3 loops)
Surfaces - tarmac, concrete, coble
Season - late Autumn
Date of public release - soon (released as test stage for WRSMP in Feb. 2015


  1. Nice track - excellent textures!

  2. Just extracted your textures and it is really nice piece of work. I especially like blending of the road textures - how did you do that? Do you use floating objects to simulate multimaterial?
    I must say all your tracks are full of details and personality while they are fun to drive at - I like them all!
    Now I am trying to model roads for my own track and trying several ways of merging them with terrain. But I think I will figure it out :)

  3. Thanks :)
    Both textures and colors blending were painted (or processed, whatever you call it) in Photoshop. It takes time and can be complex or even extremely challenging to make a good texture. But good textures sometimes do more work than one could imagine. They should fit (almost) each other and have enough details that you don't need to mess in 3d modelling too much. This means both ground and object's textures.
    With texture creating - I can do it faster and more accurate than with multimaterial techniques in 3d programs. I know there are now great programs that allow to create great textures (with painted shadows, "shadered" or so) - maybe some day I will dig more about it.
    Since RBR can't accept multimaterial (I mean on new tracks - Wally's plugin), I don't use things you mentioned.
    I usually think about textures first - before I even start modelling. I test textures how they look, blend etc. on some test roads/small tracks. On that phase I can start to plan how they can fit to later track model. Since they are similar to each other, I do some marks on them (add numbers, letters, arrows, mark egdes etc.) to recognise them better while mapping.