Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clocaenog progress - a first view

I have finished the landscape around the route - I think it looks interesting, so it's time to show how the stage will look. Very fast track, sometimes surprising with technical series of bends and hidden intersections.
I have also prepared most of the terrain textures - the road is already done, so it's time to remap those 20 km of terrain. Then modelling tweaks and mesh improvement. At the end - objects - I guess I can take some of them from original track. Stay tuned for more news!


  1. Wou - impressive. Just I wonder, about 20 km, for game its huge - drive on one stage about 15 min and if you will have 8 stages its take a lot time for players. May better divide in two tracks up to 10 km?

  2. It takes around 12 minutes for me, with best drivers it will be 10 maybe ;) We have enough 10 km tracks and there'll be another - Kormoran. More two reasons for letting it stay as it is - it was like that in RC2000, and as far as I know - drivers want longer tracks too.
    The challenge will be to drive carefully to get the car in one piece and be ready for next stage(s) in rally tournaments. Even if it has 20 km - it won't be so hard to drive unless you are crazy driver :D

  3. This is just awesome. A while ago I was wondering how great would it be to drive on some RC2000 tracks in RBR. Really appreciate the idea. There were some beatiful stages in that old game. Do you use some sort of conversion or do you build the track from scratch? It would be great to see some tarmac stages as well, like Cordrona or Moon and Star. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks! I use original mesh from old game, but it needs to be repaired, remapped etc. Also - all vegetation will be new. I just use old forest treewalls (their original placement), but they also have been rebuilt with better textures. If I manage to finish this stage, I will think about some other, maybe tarmac too. The problem is that I can't run the game on my PC anymore and there are not much ingame onboards published. Maybe somebody can record them for me - but not today :)

  5. yes, it's not to be an problem ;)

  6. Hey, i know this is a bit late but i mapped out the stage for you in google maps:

    You can also streetview the roads which can probably help a lot.
    I dunno if anything has changed since 2000 though, but hopefully not.

    I guess it would be better to map out the stage like this and build from scratch rather than using the Mobil 1 meshes. I know they built them from ordnance survey data and driving the maps but i dunno if they used GPS maps. Not sure how accurate their stages are, even if they are cool.

    In fact, i think they added addition chicanes and twisty road sections that don't exist in real life - particularly towards the end of it.
    I realised this just looking at the ordnance survey map while i was driving it - i guess that in a more arcade style game they didn't want it too flat out so added that cos they thought it might be boring? haha

    I think i saw someone was working with these Mobil 1 stages for RBR before but i cannot find any info about it. I think i saw a picture of port soderick or something.
    Does anyone know the site or anyone else working with these stages?
    There's something about these kind of small country roads that are in Mobil 1 RC that are really cool - much better than the usual British stages in RBR (even though both games share a few stages haha).

    Unfortunately, i don't really know anything about British Rally of the time - i can't find information about it online either. So i don't know if the stages they mapped out are the same as the actually ran in the rallies in terms of routes etc. I just know that the roads exist as i mapped them myself.

    Sorry i wrote so much, hope it's not too boring haha!

  7. I don't think the stage is quite real, though the Ordnance Survey map looks ok. Making anything from scratch takes time, but repairing something actually build needs energy too ;) Please stay focused for more news - I hope drivers will enjoy the stage.

    1. In my case, for me much easy create something new. Because I have clear mesh, for texturing, and don't need adapt already done mesh. Which always, will wrong and take addition time. But in your situation, I agree, that you must work on old references mesh.
      PS. Martinez, I saw you have UAZ model, may you, can share it with me. I can create it to, but just want save time ;)