Monday, March 20, 2017

Sherwood Forest BETA test

Sherwood Forest I BETA is ready for testing. I believe there are no errors. I'm sharing this before official release for a reason:
- I need somebody to add pacenotes. Frankly, after Kormoran stages release I said that I'm not doing pacenotes any longer
I better make tracks for you and not pacenotes

Mirror #3:

Mirror #4:

(previous mirrors #1 and #2 reached 30 downloads limits and they are dead)

Attention: there is a limit of 30 downloads per link. Please download only once and give others a chance to enjoy the playing. Please read my "readme.txt" carefully. If you install these files, you automatically agree with rules described there.

Manual installation only, I would like to know how to create installers (maybe somebody can share with knowledge about it, thanks).


  1. Dont worry about pace notes. Its not a problem if you have skill with PaceNote plugin. But I wondering what if not... May, some simple corner fix would be nice, but I think, best way - to ask for fast drivers...
    Great job man;)

  2. If you want, i can make the pacenotes with the Pacenote Plugin. :)

  3. The track is brilliant,sheer pleasure to drive!! Great job!

    Here are my pacenotes:

    You can use them if you like)

    1. Thank you Neo! I'm sorry for no immediate reply, I was very busy. I will include your pacenotes when the track is published. They will be among other .dls that people can choose what they like the best. I will not change anything.
      Thanks for your effort - please send me e-mail to trackbuilding(at) that I have your address - Sherwood II is getting ready and I will show it to you before publishing, so you can have more fun earlier... and maybe add pacenotes there too :)

  4. End of tests, links are dead, my best fans (who made pacenotes for me) will have also Sherwood II Beta for testing...
    ... and maybe pacenotes too? :)
    Thank you!

  5. condor copina (argentina) seria genial que hicieras ese tramo

  6. condor copina

  7. condor copina es el tramo clasico que aman los argentino, si hicieras ese tramo, richard burns seria el mejor juego que cualquier otro juego de rally 2017

    condor copina es parecido al tramo Sweet Lamb si no que no tiene arboles tiene rocas y mucho publico alrededos .
    gracias por responder :)

  8. Cool. Maybe I can try some day. I would take much time though.
    But RBR didn't became a "Game of The Year" after Sweet Lamb was released ;)


  10. You can not see the replay of Sherwood Forest ??

  11. condor copina onboard