Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kormoran Rally news

Kormoran Rally will consist of three stages:
- Kormoran Shakedown - 4 km
- Kormoran I - 9.8 km
- Kormoran II - 12 km
The tracks will take place on the same terrain, but they will vary with few sections and direction of routes.
I'm especially happy to announce a new Poland particles, which fit perfectly to Polish roads. The files will be published along with the whole rally package, hopefully before end of 2015. Further updates of PL particles will be also possible.
Here is a preview of Kormoran I:


  1. Looking forward to this release!!!

  2. WOOOAAAAWWWW!!! Butyful realy god work i love it and cant wait until i can drive it!!!

  3. Martinez, can you pleace tell me what particle mod you are using and if its possible give me a download link to it : )
    Thanks in advanse!

    1. I have created new particle mod for my tracks. It has to be tweaked more - I will publish it among with new tracks. Please be patient :)

  4. it's looking absolutely perfect!
    I'm really looking forward to it! :D

  5. Ok thanks for your reply, i will do my very best to be patient : )

  6. Nice quality work, as track builder, I very like you work!.
    As driver,:) I don't - "U" type road surface configuration...
    May I'm wrong, but flowers scale, at the end of track, is to big.
    Any way - very good job. And guys, don't forget - support Martinez with donation!

  7. Very beatiful and detailed track. It looks quite tricky as well. Looking forward to try it out. Keep up the good work Martinez.

  8. One of the best gravel stages in history of virtual rallying.

  9. Is this project close to finish?