Sunday, February 14, 2016

Water splash particles

I managed to create some new particles - a water splash. Looks not bad, maybe it's too big a little. Tell me please whether you like it or not? I will include it in PL particles some day... :)


  1. Hi, this is kind of unrelated, but how did you decipher the .SQ files in Rally Championship?

    I am trying to extract the ordnance survey maps. I think they are in the "maps" folder, and the meshes for the stages in the "levels" folder?

    I just want to be able to extract the images for the ordnance survey data so i can view where the stages would be to look at them on google maps / street view etc.

    Thanks! :)

    1. About RC2000 files:
      I took them from Bostjan does not make tracks any longer, but his site still exists. The files were created by 'blackF' - you can find all RC2000 tracks (meshes only) grabbed by him. Also some program that could grab tracks again, but it did not worked. RC2000 does not work on my machine, so I can't help much, sorry.
      The meshes were terribly rough ('1999 game obviously), just couple textures can be usefull. What I did - I processed these meshes again (they still need to be improved, there is much more work to make that Clocaenog look and work fine I guess). Then I remapped with all new (other than RC2000's) textures. Even treewalls had to be rebuilt. No objects (trees, machines, fences etc.) were included in blackF's files. But it's good to have these tracks anyway.
      Some people say these routes are not exactly real and they were changed in therms of chicanes and other stuff. I don't bother myself with that too much, Clocaenog stage will be a nice long track to play in RBR I hope.
      And yes, a huge area of Clocaenog Nature Reserve is available to view in Google Maps Street View. And there are some of more actual routes used in Cambrian or Rally of Wales rally stages (kmls or other documentation) - he matter is only to dig in Internet :) But it is a huge work to make any good stage still...
      I hope there will be more and more trackbuilders coming :)

    2. Thanks for the reply!
      From looking at Black F's tool, it requires you to run the game. So maybe the files are compiled or it is difficult to access the data. I guess instead it takes the tracks from the games own memory.

      Sadly, this doesn't help me as i just want the Ordnance Survey texture data haha.

      Does Black F have a website? Maybe i could ask him.

      In terms of your water particles, it looks kind of good but a bit "overblown" and kind of "bloomy".
      Is it possible to make the water come out of the sides of the car? Atm it seems to come from the front almost.

      Also, depending on type of water / cleannes and the speed of the car, it would a lot of the time be a lot more transparent:

      Of course, i am not an expert, so i could be talking rubbish :D

      Good job so far! :)


      On another note, did anyone ever manage to make mods to add support for proper dashboards with working speedos / rev counters / lights etc ?
      This was something that always annoyed me about RBR - it was one of the aspects that led me to think they were rushed in development.
      It is still a great game but it really needs this!

      Also, is there any mod to fix things like fire and other effects not showing up in replays?
      For example, if you crash heavily and set your engine on fire, then if you view the replay, it won't go on fire.

      Thanks for your time and good work :)

    3. BlackF has left the community long time ago. Big loss if you as me, but it was his life. I never contacted with him.
      Now - particle system is quite complicated. Thanks for good movies on watersplashes.
      My "water splash" works completely different than the one from original game - it is based on road materials. On my movie there's a whole area covered with that "trigger", so maybe applying it just just to some part of texture/material could give better effects. Also since car wheels trigger the effect, in some causes it can not appear when car flies over the surface. I think in original game the watersplash comes from some special hidden collision, but nobody revealed that yet.
      Anyway, I will maybe make it smaller and more transparent - good idea. To make it flow to the sides of car - I don't know, maybe it's not possible or make it predictable. There's a parameter "offset", but it works both ways (inside/outside), on outside of slide - as far as I observed. There were guys like Tato or Kahoo who made good particles - maybe they know better. But I don't have any contact with them.
      If I have time, I will check the "fire" problem. I attached the effect to my particles too, but never checked if it work on replays.

    4. Hmm one thing i just remembered is that the smoke effects when you damage your engine would actually go THROUGH the car, entering inside the cockpit, which looked crappy.

      I think someone might have said that they don't respect geometry. If this is true then i guess you will be limited in what you can do for the splashes.

      I don't know how any of it works though - i don't really know anything about RBR modding, just things i remember from when i played it last.

      I never really modded my game except for proper cockpit cameras and realistic FOV.

      I remember seeing RSRBR videos and thinking that they looked way unrealistic with huge amounts of grip which kind of put me off. Maybe i should try it some day. Or maybe the Next Generation Physics patch things are better? i don't know!

      I do agree that in the normal game that tarmac physics are too grippy and weird and not the best though haha.

      But yer, seeing people's videos of RSRBR at the rally school stage and the amount of grip i just thought it looked way OTT and unrealistic - i mean, everyone who has played the game knows that stage like the back of their hand haha.

  2. In my opinion, it's looks pretty good and can be useful in game, thanks

  3. Super particles!
    Good work.

  4. WOW! Great effect!
    Good work, I await updates!

  5. would be nice have some tutorial or explain how its work if it's not top secret ;) any way good job...

  6. Nice job, can you create a new particle based on water splash to simulate dust projection under tires, it would be nice and real.

    1. Every particles for RBR contain dust and stones from tyres already, so I don't see a reason to make it again.