Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kormoran II announcement

While waiting for shadows, I can test some more PL particles and create weathers.
Kormoran Rally status:
- Shakedown: 85 % done
- Kormoran I: 100 % done
- Kormoran II: 98 % done
- PL particles: 99 % done


  1. FRAJDA Daniel3/10/2016 9:50 AM

    Piękna sprawa, odkąd gram w RBRa marzy mi się polatać po odcinkach kormorana, zwłaszcza tych z dawnych lat, wymój-mańki itp. :)

  2. WoW - This is the best gravel stage for RBR I never see!!

  3. That is beautiful!!! Can't wait to race these awesome stages!

  4. ...and how the heck did you find the way to make the splash to work?????????
    Great track!!!

  5. I can't wait for it ;-)
    Looks absolutely perfect!
    Keep up that great work.

  6. Poziom detali wokół drogi jest wręcz oszałamiający. Super trudny techniczny odcinek, zmęczyłem się od samego oglądania;) - Świetna robota

  7. great stage, hope for released soon! please more of them! thanks!!

  8. Looks insanely good, even if too bumpy for my liking. :) The water splash is impressive indeed.

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  10. Hallo! I wonder when this super nice track will be finiched?
    In december last year you say it will be reade soon!? now it is april...
    I am so inpatient : )
    Cant wait to try your fenomanal track!!!

  11. I also want to try it out! Those stages from Martinez are much higher level then all the most of tracks currently available :)

  12. Hi Martinez!
    I LOVE your new track Kormoran, but i never drive online!
    So i wonder if i can buy Kormoran 1 and 2 full length of you?
    I'd love to have this track in its full length for shakedown just for my personal use of course!
    Please i pay what you want!
    Greetings from a FAN of your work!