Friday, March 11, 2016

Just regular tree planting...

... On Kormoran Shakedown :)


  1. Looks beautiful and very realistic! Keep your great work on.

  2. That looks really great! Thank you and looking forward to try such beautiful tracks!

  3. Did you create the plants by yourself or you used some plants pack?

  4. Thank you :)
    I used mix of my photos, vegetation textures from Internet and some from original RBR stages. All were tweaked to fit the best to the track. And yes, all plant models were created again. Mostly they are simple low poly 'tripods'.
    I hope it will not be boring :)

  5. I used to work as a 3D animator so I have some experiences in 3D (Max, Blender) and now I work as a programmer... I live in Zlin, CZ where Barum Rally is organized...
    I would love to create this real stage (a closed one).
    I studied a lot of info about that and now I would need a tip for the best workflow how to create the track while being able to test it.
    I want to use Blender and dont want to import / export to BTB so I can test it. I don't have Wallaby of course.
    What workflow can you recommend me? I am about to install rFactor because Blender can export to its format directly so I could test it this way and then someone could convert it to native RBR if community find my track good...?
    Thank you for any tips!

    1. Hi, your idea sounds very good so far. Maybe we can contact via e-mail - please write me to trackbuilding(at) - I think I can help you with the stage creation. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. You are planting those trees so long! :)

  7. They plan to cut many beatiful forests in Poland soon... I can't allow that, so I plant more :D